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Nice to meet you!Welcome to register the member of New Modern will get more informations of product and services!?Please read the register of information? carefully before you fill in the information.

There are two kinds of members: common members and VIP members:
The difference of common member and VIP member:
Common members can check all the informations in the internet,include New samples£¬Recommendatory samples,superior inquire, but can¡¯t check the price. Contrarily,VIP members can check the price of the samples.
How to become VIP members?
Someone who had cooperated with our company can apply to VIP members.

How to apply to common members and VIP members?
1.The step of apply to common members:first,fill in the information,please make sure the information is correct. Second, refer it to administrators,we will send the email to you as soon as possible.
2. The step of apply to VIP members:refer the information(for example:Member No.,Company Name, password,E-Mail,Tel No. and so on)to the seller,and the seller will help you to become to VIP members.

Want to know the price of the product of interest is how to operate?
If you are not our VIP member, you are interested in a product, the check mark on the same page multiple choice, and click the [Add to inquiry], so that your choice of products has emerged in the inquiry form inside. If you want to see the inquiry product of your choice, you can view the inside of my inquiry form, then send this document to our online customer service or E-mail to us, we will be the fastest to respond to your price.If you are our VIP member, you will be able to directly view the inside of my inquiry form and download our product inquiry form.

Of course, you can find any help through our online customer service. If online service is not online, you can also leave us a message or E-mail, we will reply you as soon as possible.



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